Services Offered
The firm is able to provide complete Civil, Structural, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering services in house for projects ranging from agro based processing plants, industrial and commercial complexes, to housing schemes. Our services include the below;
  1. Project Management
  2. Advisory and Training
  3. Civil & Structural
  4. Mechanical & Electrical
  5. Proprietary Equipment
  6. Green Technology in Waste Treatment System
  • Project Management
    • General Project Management
    • Mill Capacity Upgrading Works
    • Mill Process Audit Report
    • Bulking Facilities
    • Floating Mill Design for Peat Soil Condition
    • Feasibility & financial evaluation for proposed development works
  • Advisory and Training
    • Technical Advisory for already existing mills to support Board Members
    • Post-commissioning Engineering services for agro-industrial processing plants
    • Plantation and factory management
    • Human resource training
  • Civil Engineering
    • Geotechnical design
    • Infrastructure for township and housing
    • Urban drainage and flood alleviation
  • Structural Engineering
    • Reinforced concrete and prestressed design for buildings and bridges
    • Steel design for industrial complexes
    • Foundation design
  • Mechanical Engineering
    • Process design for agro based industries (Palm Oil Mill, Kernel crushing Plant, CPO Refineries
    • Mechanical system and equipment selections for factories, procssing plant, etc...
    • Fire-fighting systems for complexes and high-rise buildings
    • Operation and maintenance techniques
  • Electrical Engineering
    • Electrical infrastructure system for housing development and industrial complexes
    • Complete electrical design for factories and processing plant
    • Eletrical system for water and wastewater treatment facilities
  • Proprietary Equipment
    • Power Generation
      • Boiler
      • Turbine
      • Generating Set
    • Sterilizer
      • Conventional Horizontal Sterilizer
      • Continuous Sterilizer
      • Compact Modular Concept sterilizer
      • Vertical/ Oblique Sterilizer
      • Simple Indexer System
      • Integrated Indexer System
    • Press & Digester
    • Oil Room Equipment and etc
  • Green Technology in Waste Treatment System
    • Provides latest and green technologies available for empty fruit bunch and waste water treatment
    • Provides solutions to enhance treatment system in existing plants/ factories, for example;
      • Biogas(methane gas) capture for power generation
      • Compost Plant
      • Polishing Plant
      • Pondless POME Treatment System
      • Using microbes/ enzyme to treat effluent treatment Plant to discharge BOD below 20ppm